Living Blues Magazine Review of "Everyday" By The DogTown Blues Band Issue #246 page 51 and 52
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RVL Music is Proud to Present the Second Release from The DogTown Blues Band:” Everyday”

Featuring Special Guest Artist Barbara Morrison

RVL Music and Richard Lubovitch (aka “Loob”) are proud to announce the release of the new CD by The DogTown Blues Band, “Everyday” featuring special guest artist Barbara Morrison.  This new CD, comprised of 10 tracks, 43:20 in length, is based on “Loob’s” 30 years in Chicago listening to, and playing with, the great Chicago Blues Masters that he saw there in the clubs and during his many years of going to Maxwell Street in the late 1960s and 70’s to hear the legends of that time.  It offers 5 standards and 5 original compositions, and featured are, the amazing vocals of Barbara Morrison, who’s vocal interpretations of “Everyday I Have The Blues,” “ Easy Baby,”  “Ain’t Noboday’s Business” and “Same Old Blues,”  are something special to hear.  Having Ms. Morrison on this project, has allowed us to do original and traditional arrangements of standards, with a DogTown twist, so as to feature her accomplished vocal interpretations of these songs.  Check out “Ain’t Nobody’s Business,” arranged as a late 1950’s Blues, with a slight stroll feel, or her re-invention of” Easy Baby,” as sung by a female, coupled with the emotional joy and pain she brings to “Same Old Blues” and the upbeat feel of “Everyday I have The Blues.”

The CD also features Hohner Harmonica Master Bill Barrett, who is featured throughout, with attention to his fantastic playing on the original compositions “Shrimp Walk” and “All the Way Down composed by Loob/Barrett .The two Harmonica songs on the project.  Bill has also added a wonderful vocal track to “Doc’s Boogie” and for Bill, who almost exclusively plays a Chromatic Harmonica, he offers up a rare Diatonic Harmonica solo on “Everyday I Have The Blues.”

Producer, guitarist Lubovitch, gives us a myriad of energetic standards peppered with five originals, including “Boxcar 4468”, where he plays lazily through the head, building up to a raucous solo section, with a high energy organ solo by Wayne Peet, followed by “Loob” and Marcus Watkins on Slide Guitar trading a few choruses.

Contrasting this, are two additional tracks…”Variation II” (A Minor Blues) featuring “Loob’s” guitar and Bill Barrett’s Chromatic Harmonica, and a West Coast influenced guitar based number, entitled “County Line.”

The CD also highlights the high octane Drums and Bass combination of Lance Lee (Drums) and Trevor Ware (Upright Bass) on tracks 1, 2, 6 ,7  and Lance Lee and Tom Lilly ( Electric Bass), on tracks 3, 4 8 and 9.  Ware and Lilly are both featured on “Boxcar 4468” and “Country Line.”

The band’s motto is “We like to put little Jazz in our Blues and a little Blues in our Jazz.

To sum it up…”Everyday” reflects what The DogTown Blues Band does best…Chicago Blues and Jazz with a West Coast twist.  

RVL Music

Special Guest Artist Barbara Morrison: Vocals. Barbara Morrison has been pleasing audiences and garnering rave reviews for more than three decades.  In addition to a long list of her own recordings, she has worked with an A-List of “Who’s Who” in the Jazz world.  Barbara was born and raised a short drive from Detroit, Michigan. The young starry-eyed 10-year old launched her professional career with her first recording for a radio station in Detroit.  She moved to Los Angeles in 1973 and began to blaze a trail around the globe, delivering performances that keep audiences asking for more.  One of the hardest working and busiest Jazz and Blues entertainers in the business, Barbara Morrison has an impressive discography of recordings that include 3 Grammy nominations.  It is safe to say that she is among the most recorded Jazz and Blues artists of her generation.

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