RVL Music is Proud to Present the Third Release from The DogTown Blues Band:” Search No More”

RVL Music and Richard Lubovitch (aka “Loob”) are proud to announce the release of the new CD by The DogTown Blues Band, “Search No More”.  This new CD, comprised of 10 tracks, 39:00 minutes in length,offers 8 classic blues,1 standard from the 70's and 1 original composition. 

Featured are, the amazing vocals of Kaspar Abbo, who’s vocal interpretations of a Jimmie Dotson's lost classic “Search No More,” Wille Dixon's “ You Shook Me,”  Percy Mayfield's " River's Invitation ” and Tom Johnston's  “Long Train Coming,”  are something special to hear.  Having Kaspar on this project, has allowed us to do original arrangements of classics, with a DogTown twist, so as to feature his accomplished vocal interpretations of these songs.  Check out “Search No More,” arranged as a late 1950’s Blues, with a more modern guitar solo or his re-invention of ” Miss Ann,” coupled with the full blown vocal and backing vocals on Tom Johnston's “Long Train Coming” 

The CD also features Vocals and Chromatic Harmonica from Hohner Harmonica Master Bill Barrett, who is featured throughout, with attention to his fantastic playing and singing on the Percy Mayfield classic “Cooking in Style” and two lost classics You Better Believe It by Paul Gayten and I wonder by Cecil Gant. 

Producer, guitarist Richard Lubovitch, gives us a myriad of energetic original arrangements of classics and 1 original , " All Night”, 

The CD also highlights the high octane Drums and Bass combination of Lance Lee (Drums) and Trevor Ware (Upright Bass) and guest artist Marcus Watkins: Solo guitar on "Search No More" Baritone guitar on "All Night" and many guitars on "Long Train Coming"

The band’s motto is “We like to put little Jazz in our Blues and a little Blues in our Jazz.

To sum it up…”Search No More” reflects what The DogTown Blues Band does best…Chicago Blues and Jazz with a West Coast twist.  

RVL Music

Richard Lubovitch: Guitar

Kaspar Abbo :         Vocals

Bill Barrett:              Chromatic Harmonica and vocals

Wayne Peet:            Organ,Piano and Keyboards

Trevor Ware:            Upright bass

Lance Lee:               Drums

Marcus Watkins:      Solo guitar on "Search No More" Baritone guitar on "All Night" and many guitars on "Long Train Coming"

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The DogTown Blues Band
Search No More RVL Music

published by SFL Magazine 

Review by

Peter "Blewzzman" Lauro © August 2021

"Search No More" is the The DogTown Blues Band's 3rd release.  Members of the band are: Bandleader Richard Lubovitch on guitar; Kaspar Abbo on vocals; Bill Barrett on chromatic harmonica and vocals; Wayne Peet on organ, piano and keyboards; Trevor Ware on upright bass; and Lance Lee on drums.  For this project special guest Marcus Watkins adds his guitars to several tracks. 
Of the disc's ten tracks, one is an original of Richard's, one is a standard from the seventies, and eight are classic blues songs.  The band's motto is that they like to put a little jazz into their blues and a little blues into their jazz.  Reading their impressive and diverse bios, it'll be pretty clear how that came about.
The disc opens with a swingin' rendition of a Percy Mayfield song that literally describes the groove the band is laying down.  Yes indeed, The DogTown Blues Band are "Cookin' In Style".  Pulling double duty on the track, Bill's doubly impressive with some killer harp blowin' and silky smooth vocals.  Now after just the first time ever hearing him play and sing, I'm not quite yet ready to compare him to a Kim Wilson, but Bill sure did make Kim come to mind.  In the meantime, the rest of the band's nailing a rhythm that's sure to fill the dance floor.  Excellent opening track. 
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Thanks to Mladen Loncar and SoundGuardian for this great review.

Thanks to Mladen Loncar and SoundGuardian for this great review.


From Chris Spector

Midwest Record 8/27/21

DOGTOWN BLUES BAND/Search No More: The resumes of this crew are impeccable and it shows as they turn up the heat on this collection of classic blues, done their way. Hot throughout, Percy Mayfield, Bill Hill and others are given the kind of remembrance that really will make people remember them. More than a bunch having a good time with good intentions, this is a first class show. You don't have to be an over age frat boy to love it.

Review From Eric Campfens Barn Owl Blues Netherlands

The Los Angeles native is formed by a group of experienced musicians, all from different backgrounds. This combination makes for a versatile band and the CD they have now released shows that perfectly. The band consists of guitarist Richard Lubovitch, who also produced, Wayne Peet (keyboards), Bill Barrett (harmonica), Kaspar Abbo (vocals), Lance Lee (drums), Trevor Ware (upright bass). On a number of songs they are joined by Marcus Watkins, who plays a multitude of guitars  

“Search No More” is the band's third CD. The album contains eight blues classics, one adaptation of a seventies classic and a song written by Lubovitch. With blues classics, people quickly think of chewed-up versions of songs that have been performed hundreds of times. The diversity of musicians with all different backgrounds, however, ensures a great variation in style. The basis is unmistakably the blues with influences from jazz, swing, Latin and rock. That becomes immediately clear with the opener, Percy Mayfield's “Cooking In Style”, which here takes on a blues look partly due to the use of the harmonica. Jimmy Dotson's “Search No More” is a pure blues ballad with beautiful vocals by Abbo and a beautiful solo by Marcus Watkins. “All Night”, the only original here, shows Lubovitch's jazz background. A special mention here deserves “Long Train Coming” by Tom Johnston (Doobie Brothers), the only odd one out, of which the gentlemen make their own beautiful version. A fine album.


Website: www.thedogtownbluesband.com


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New Review From France by Fred Del Forge

New Review From France by Fred Del Forge